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Are you a CISS authorized family who wants to refer someone you already know to be hired as your Respite Caregiver? If yes, complete the form below for each person you are referring. The person(s) you refer must be eligible to work in the U.S., pass a livescan background check, and be at least 16 years old.

Please obtain the full name, phone number and email address of the person you are referring before completing this form.

If you have any questions completing the form, please contact our office at (805) 384-0983. Thank you!

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Name of Parent/Guardian Completing Form
Full Name of Authorized Person in Care
(The child or adult who is authorized by the regional center or by the County of Ventura to receive care from CISS)
Must match phone number in our database or our office will need to reach out to confirm.
Must match email address in our database or our office will need to reach out to confirm.
Name of Person Family is Referring for Employment
(How long have you known the person you are referring? Make sure to include “years” or “months”)
(How you know this person. Example: friend, neighbor, how the applicant is related to the person authorized to receive care)
If you do not know their email address, please ask them. It helps us expedite the application process.
LIABILITY – The determination in designating this Respite Caregiver is my sole responsibility, based on my personal knowledge of, and relationship with, this person and I waive any and all claims and/or actions against Channel Islands Social Services (CISS) for my decision. I understand that if CISS finds this Caregiver to not be eligible for employment in the United States, or according to agency policies, that CISS may choose to not employ this person and that such findings are highly confidential and may not be shared with me.
JOINT EMPLOYER / ONSITE SUPERVISOR – As the parent or primary caregiver, I understand that I am considered the joint employer and onsite supervisor in my home of this person. CISS is the employer of record responsible for all final hiring decisions, background screening, payroll, worker’s compensation claims, and final termination decisions. I understand that it is my responsibility to schedule my respite hours up to my authorized amounts and keep careful track of all hours. I agree to pay the caregiver directly for all hours they work and miles they drive that exceed my authorization as that is considered private pay work. Should I have any concerns in the future regarding this employee, I will contact CISS immediately.
JOB DUTIES – I have received a copy of the Respite Caregiver job description and I attest that this person meets or exceeds the stated minimum requirements for the position. I agree to only ask the caregiver to supervise my authorized child(ren) and privately compensate them for additional siblings that they agree to supervise at the same time as my authorized child(ren). At no time will I request that this caregiver perform duties outside of the job description, which includes housework and cleaning that is not directly related to respite care. I understand that all CISS employees must work regularly, at least two hours/month, to remain actively employed.
Please review the Respite Caregiver job description then return to complete the rest of this form.

TRAVEL – I understand that all care must be provided in my home or within five miles. All CISS employees who transport individuals in their care must have an approved Travel Authorization form on file, be at least 21 years old, and be on the CISS approved driver’s list with proof of the company’s minimum insurance requirements, and clean driving record.
AGREEMENT – Unless revoked, this waiver will remain in effect during my family’s service authorization for Respite Services provided by Channel Islands Social Services. We may need to request this information from you again if the person you referred to apply waits longer than 6 months to complete our application.
Address of Authorized Family
Clear Signature


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