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Foster & Kinship Families

CISS has provided FREE respite care to Resource Families (Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers) in Ventura County since 2010. To be eligible for the Respite program, the foster Resource Family must be licensed, live in Ventura County and have a child receiving case management from VC H.S.A.

Resource Family Respite Brochure  |  Spanish

Eligible Kinship Families are caring for a relative child (eg. grandchild, niece/nephew) in Ventura County through a guardianship agreement established through the courts. Families may self-refer to the program and can qualify for up to 12 hours/mo of FREE Respite Care, or an authorized amount decided by their Foster Family Agency.

Please call our office to request enrollment forms be emailed to you to complete electronically. Or you can bring each child’s placement agreement to our office and we can assist you.

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